Bamyan Foundation

The Bamyan Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization committed to educational projects in Afghanistan and with which The Peter M.Goodrich Memorial Foundation has partnered in the construction of a Library in Bamyan City.

Remembering Sally's Lessons

Sally traveled to Afghanistan with Charlie Sennott in 2007 when he was working for the Boston Globe. This is how he remembered her after her death in December 2010. with students in Logar web77.jpg
Sally with students at Logar Girls School

Remembering Sally's Lessons

Sally traveled to Afghanistan with Charlie Sennott in 2007 when he was working for the Boston Globe. This is how he remebered her after her death in December 2010.

Welfare Association for the Development of Afghanistan

The Welfare Association for the Development of Afghanistan (WADAN) is an indigenous, nonprofit, nongovernmental organization that envisions a peaceful, drug free, democratic, developed and prosperous Afghanistan. WADAN is the agent for the Logar, Wardak, and Baghlan projects as well as the student exchange program.

Axis of Good: a story from 9/11

Axis of Good, a documentary by Shiprock Productions, captures the emotions, intimate moments and struggle of the Goodrich family as they grapple with the loss of their son and their overwhelming efforts to keep his memory alive.

Shuhada Organization

Shuhada Organization is a non-governmental and non-profit organization committed to the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan with special emphasis on the empowerment of women and children. Shuhada is the agent for the library project in Bamyan.

Berkshire School

Berkshire School is vigorous college-preparatory institution that has flourished for almost a century in a New England setting of extraordinary natural beauty. It is a medium-sized boarding school with a distinctly global character, with 380 students from across the country and around the world, and experienced teachers who are dedicated to their craft.

Peter and Don Goodrich were graduates of Berkshire School, Sheffield, MA.

The Taft School

Founded in 1890, The Taft School is a coeducational boarding school for students in grades nine through post graduate. Living where they learn, academically talented students from all over the world are guided by an extraordinary faculty on a 220-acre campus in Western Connecticut.

Miss Hall's School

Tucked into the Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts, Miss Hall’s School is one of the foremost college-preparatory schools for girls in the country. Established in 1898, the School combines a traditional college-preparatory curriculum with two innovative, nationally acclaimed programs – Horizons, a weekly off-campus, experiential learning opportunity, and the Girls’ Leadership Project, which transforms the School into a leadership laboratory.

Bates College

Peter Goodrich graduated from Bates College in Lewiston, ME where a memorial scholarship has been established in his name.

Families of September 11th

Don Goodrich is Chair of the Board of Families of September 11th.

From the Report of the 9/11 Commission

The United States should rebuild the scholarship, exchange, and library programs that reach out to young people and offer them knowledge and hope. Where such assistance is provided, it should be identified as coming from the citizens of the United States.

Kabul Transit, a documentary film by David Edwards and Greg Whitmore, explores the soul of a city devastated by nearly three decades of war.

Janet McKenzie

Janet McKenzie is the artist who created Homage to 9/11.

Peter Reading to His Nephew Ben
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